So I was 1311 in chess points in form. Then I lost and became 1309. That was not a problem but after that. After that I lost, lost, lost, lost, lost, and lost that I was so angry on me. Because I became 1187. I hardly have won 3 or 4 games in between. And only 1 time I became happy finally. When I was 1199, I became 1213 in only one [1] game! And then I again lost some matches. But this time, I became 1187! I was feeling so bad about it that how can I do that. Then I again became in form and became 1246. Then I again lost but no worries because I only lost 2 points and became 1244. THANK YOU!!/!

The Colorful Jungle

here was a jungle named: The Colorful Jungle. It was actually a very funny jungle. Because it had brown branches but purple/violet leaves! And some leaves were normal too like green, red/yellow, brown, brown/purple/green, all color leaves etc (many more). And same, purple/violet lions! With green/yellow tigers! One day, a lion saw a deer, which had 4 eyes! And he also noticed that. Then when he tried to eat him, The deer jumped over the lion! And the lion became surprised. Then the lion turned around and again tries to eat the deer. But again! The deer jumped over the lion. And this time, the lion was too much surprised that he ran away. And the deer also had many spots. And then, the deer lived happy ever after. THANK YOU!!